News – April 2018

April 2018

Val Pratley and her friend Sue Caithness, arranged a delightful Easter service again this year for the residents. Shaun Maynard, Chairman of the Committee, also attended the service.

Another service was held for the residents on Easter Sunday, followed by a special Easter cake and an Easter Egg hunt, with Bonnie’s 4 little Dachshunds licking up the bunny footprints that were laid out for
the residents!

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News – March 2018

March 2018

We start with a sincere apology, in that in the previous Newsletter, we omitted to mention that George King and his fellow musicians, held a concert in Pretoria to raise funds for Shalom. Thank you so much and it was truly wonderful to receive R 8 572.00 from this event.

The residents enjoyed two wonderful birthday parties as Colleen Wright celebrated her birthday on the 2nd March and Shayne Lavarack celebrated her birthday on the 15th March.

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News – March 2018

March 2018

News of Resident’s Activities

Shayne Lavarack proudly told the staff that her sister is getting married and she has been asked to be her “Housemaid”, which caused pride yet some amusement when we realised she meant “Maid of Honour”!

September was a festive month with Alexander King, Michaela Martin and Graeme Lawrence celebrated their birthdays.

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News – March 2017

March 2017

The girls’ bathroom as well as the respite bathroom, that were in dire need of renovation, were gutted and adapted to better suit the needs of the severely disabled.

On the 26th, the committee held their meeting which takes place every other 2 months.

We received good news from one of our care workers, Seli (or Sally as she is known here) as she is expecting twins in September.

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News – November 2016

November 2016

Marieka Boxall visited us after being told about Shalom by our neighbour, Wilmie Fourie, who supplies our farm fresh milk on a weekly basis. Marieka and her family have resided in the Magaliesburg area for 17 years and were not aware of Shalom’s existence. Since then, Marieka has been visiting all the businesses in Magaliesburg, as well as the farms, to spread the word about Shalom. She is a really great ambassador and every Thursday she arrives with veggies, which she has collected from the generous farmers in our area. Marieka’s husband, Darren, also kindly donated R15000 to Shalom from his company.

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