About Shalom Respite Care Centre

Shalom Reprise Care Centre is a caring, professionally run centre offering respite and longterm care for profoundly physically and intellectually disabled people. It is situated 18km from Magaliesburg, off the Koster Road on a beautiful farm where the peace and tranquillity of nature adds to the nurturing environment. SHALOM was created primarily for those who need professional nursing care.

Where is Shalom?

Shalom Respite Care Centre is situated 18 km from Magaliesburg, a short drive off the Koster road. Surrounded by the tranquil countryside our Centre has created the perfect atmosphere of peace and care. Have a look at our map for more detailed directions.

What is the purpose of Shalom?

Shalom Respite Care Centre is primarily for those who need professional nursing care while being surrounded by a healthy, country-side setting.

What is “respite care”?

Respite care is a specialised service in which a disabled person is cared for while the caregiver and/or family take a break in order to be able to recharge their batteries and continue with the demanding task of care giving. This is vital as the stress of constant caring for a disabled person is extremely draining and physically demanding.

How is Shalom Respite Care Centre managed?

It is managed by a committee of professional people who are parents and friends of Shalom. The staff is headed up by a qualified nursing sister and supported by a wonderful team of dedicated trained staff who are fully experienced in this particular aspect of care for the physically and intellectually disabled.