News – December 2016

December 2016

Val Pratley held a church service for the staff and residents in the chapel followed by a Christmas party which everybody enjoyed. Val does so much for the residents throughout the year and never forgets to provide a most enjoyable Christmas party as well, for which the residents are very grateful.

Val Pratley – how can we ever thank you and your family enough for all your wonderful involvement and assistance for the residents of Shalom?

It was decided that the staff Christmas Lunch would be a little different from the previous years. Melon Rouge was chosen as a venue and as usual the two staff teams went on separate weeks. Steve put on a beautiful spread for us and we enjoyed the afternoon very much.

Mike and Desirae Pillay once again pulled out all the stops and provided a lovely gift for each resident, as well as our Christmas and New Year Lunch. We are so grateful to have our special lunches provided and we thank you and your sponsors very much for everything, it was truly wonderful to see the delight on the residents’ faces when they open their gifts after attending a joyousChristmas service in the chapel.

A service was also held in The Chapel on New Year’s Day followed by a very tasty lunch cooked and served by the kitchen.

We had fewer respite visitors these holidays, but we also had some new faces. Tamar and Orion from Forest Farm enjoyed their stay immensely and mentioned that they would like to become permanent residents at Shalom.

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