News – April 2018

April 2018

Val Pratley and her friend Sue Caithness, arranged a delightful Easter service again this year for the residents. Shaun Maynard, Chairman of the Committee, also attended the service.

Another service was held for the residents on Easter Sunday, followed by a special Easter cake and an Easter Egg hunt, with Bonnie’s 4 little Dachshunds licking up the bunny footprints that were laid out for
the residents!

Wendy Mackie, Shaun and Megan Maynard attended Jane Usher’s
memorial service. Jane was a truly wonderful supporter of Shalom over many years.

An anonymous and sincerely appreciated R2000 cash donation was received.

Through Kim and Val Pratley, the Krugersdorp Flying Club chose Shalom as their charity for 2018. Such terrific news and sincerely appreciated.

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