News – November 2016

November 2016

Marieka Boxall visited us after being told about Shalom by our neighbour, Wilmie Fourie, who supplies our farm fresh milk on a weekly basis. Marieka and her family have resided in the Magaliesburg area for 17 years and were not aware of Shalom’s existence. Since then, Marieka has been visiting all the businesses in Magaliesburg, as well as the farms, to spread the word about Shalom. She is a really great ambassador and every Thursday she arrives with veggies, which she has collected from the generous farmers in our area. Marieka’s husband, Darren, also kindly donated R15000 to Shalom from his company.

Wendy Mackie and Bonnie Crooks returning from Anna Mackie’s Forest Haven concert, found a man standing at the robots holding a small white puppy. Of course the two ladies, who are both animal lovers, “bought” the puppy from the man. This puppy was less than 10 days old as his eyes were not yet opened. They bought a babies’ bottle on the way home and tried to feed the little one. But the Universe had other plans! The following day we noticed a female dog under one of the vehicles, and realised that she had recently had pups of her own as her teats were full of milk. Our prayers were answered, so we introduced the baby

to the lactating dog and it was a match made in heaven. The puppy latched was reared by his surrogate mother until he was six weeks old. He was then adopted by Sister Sadia who had him sterilised and inoculated and named him Lucky! His surrogate Mother has been adopted by Shalom and has been named Lady. Sadly not long after settling into Sisters Sadia’s house in Krugersdorp, Lucky was stolen, resulting in a lot of heartbreak for all who had been involved with his rescue.

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